Roof Restoration vs Roof Replacement

metal roof on a building

What is a roof restoration? 

Owning a commercial building, no matter the size, it is a financial investment. A financial investment that keeps on taking and taking, or so it seems sometimes. From the mortgage payment and insurance to the maintenance, upkeep, and utilities, there are always expenses. The last thing you need is roofing problems! So, when the contractor tells you that they can do a roof restoration cheaper than a roof replacement, and give it another 10 year lifespan, you need to jump at that offer!  

Should you repair or restore your roof instead of replacing it? Absolutely and if you’ll keep reading, you’ll find out as we answer a few questions about roof restoration for commercial structures. 

Your roofing contractor suggests that you consider a Roof restoration vs roof replacement and gave you several good reasons why: 

  1. Cheaper: With a roof restoration, there isn’t any tear-off as there would be with a roof replacement. This means less labor and materials, making the project as much as half as expensive as a new roof. 
  2. Quicker: Roof restoration coatings don’t take as long to apply as doing a full roof replacement. This will decrease the amount of disruption to your business operation.
  3. Extended Lifespan: A roof restoration will extend the lifespan of the current roof up to 15 years. This will delay the expense of a new roof coming from your budget. After the year 2020 was for most businesses, this is a bonus! 
  4. Sustainability: A roof restoration doesn’t add waste to the landfills like a roof replacement tear-off materials. 
  5. Aesthetics: A new roof restoration will give your building clean, fresh by removing any dirt, dust, rust, and more. This is more appealing to your customer, visitors, and if you’re planning to sell the structure, it will be more appealing to potential buyers.  
  6. The Tax Benefits: Yes, this gets the attention of most commercial structure owners and roof restoration will help your taxes. This will be listed as maintenance, a deductible that is handled differently than a new roof, considered an expenditure, would be. Your tax accountant will be able to explain this to you in more detail, but the key piece of information you need is you’ll pay less in taxes because you with a roof restoration.
  7. Energy Efficiency: A roof coating material is highly reflective of UV rays, minimizing any damage and cooling the roof more during hot summers. This makes it a great energy-efficient roof that reduces monthly energy expenses. 

With those 7 factors in mind, what is roof restoration?  It is the process of applying a coating that is durable and waterproof. It will stop small leaks, stop any rusting of your commercial roof, and give you up to 15 years more life from the current roof with proper care and maintenance. 

Can a roof be repaired instead of replaced?

Flat commercial building roofs have challenges, and when the question of repair or replace is asked, as the owner, you have to ask your contractor which is the more cost effective and viable way? Roof repair, roof restoration, or roof replacement are your options and when it comes to taking care of your commercial roof, it is a different beast. 

So, what is the best way to address this roofing issues? How do you know when you should go all the way with a roof replacement? We’re going to review some factors that you need to consider in making this decision: 

  • Roof Age: A commercial roof with BUR that is 25 years old or older should be inspected by a professional roofing contractor. A commercial roof this old, the seals could be breaking down, compromising its ability to do the job it should be doing. 
  • Roof  Leaks: If you are having to get roof leaks every time a sizeable storm comes through, then it is time to get a new roof. A roof with water damage isn’t something to take lightly. This can put the entire structure in jeopardy with mold, damaged and decaying sheetrock, rotting infrastructure, rust, electrical fire, and more. 
  • Energy Bills Increased: A roof leaks is more than just water invading the building. The cool air inside the structure during summer is leaking out through the compromised seams and decayed insulation. Same with heat during the winter. This is making your cooling and heating system work harder, which is costing you more each month. 
  • Damage: If there is visible damage when the roof is inspected, like the seams have separated or there is damaged/missing flashing, blisters, cracks, and more, then a roof restoration isn’t going to help, making the best option a new roof. 

Can a damaged roof be restored?

It will depend on the amount and type of damage the roof has, but it in most cases, when repairs are not possible, a roof restoration may be an option if you’re not ready to replace the roof in its entirety. A roof restoration is certainly going to be more cost-effective for the present that will save the roofing system from the extensive damage, while providing your structure reliable protection. 

What does roof restoration include?

A roof restoration will include a thorough cleaning, making any repairs needed, then repainting the surface. The process will extend the roof’s lifespan, providing you a less expensive way to protect your commercial property over a new roof installation. 

How long do roof coatings last?

A commercial roof coating will in fact, extend the lifespan and keep you from having to get a new roof installed right now, but it is not going to last a lifetime. Over time, it will begin to wear out and an experienced commercial roofing contractor will be able to give information on the best coating for the longest lifespan extension. 

How long a roof coating last will depend on several factors, such as the climate where your building is located, the UV rays it will endure, and how thick of a roof coating is applied. In most cases, you can expect another 10 years after a professionally applied roof coating. 

restored metal roof

How long does a roof restoration take?

Depending on how large the roof surface is and the number of repairs that are needed before the roof restoration material is applied, a roof restoration job can take up to two full days.  This can vary and the roofing contractor you choose to do the job will be better able to provide a more exact time frame. 

With commercial roof repairs, roof coating, roof restoration, all discussed here, what about painting a commercial roof? Is roof painting a good idea? It may be a good idea for your commercial structure.  Having a cool roof coating painted can give the flat, commercial roofing a longer life and give you lower utilities. This is another time to talk to an experienced commercial roofing contractor about the options available to you. Call (260) 248-7020 today for your commercial roof restoration in Fort Wayne, IN.