How to Care for an Industrial Roof

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Industrial care for your roof

Having new industrial roofing services done for your commercial structure isn’t a cheap expense.  Whether you’re repairing it or replacing it, the cost is something business owners aren’t fond of having to pay, but it is a necessity. 

To keep the roofing good and not require another repair or replacement it is important they establish an industrial roof maintenance routine with their staff. This should include monthly inspections and an inspection after any significant weather event along with staff and professional industrial roof cleaning. Most commercial roofing companies will offer cleaning and inspections as part of their industrial roofing services. 

The inspections by maintenance staff or industrial roofing services should include looking for possible issues that can become bigger and expensive roofing repairs later. Industrial roof leaks can be devastating for business, not just the structure itself, but any equipment, inventory, employees, and clients can all be in harms way with weak roofing and structure. 

 Fortunately, there are industrial roof coatings available for the different types of industrial roofs that help extend the lifespan. However, this doesn’t mean damage doesn’t happen, as well as basic wear and tear.  So, what type of damage and issues should the maintenance crews or the staff of industrial roofing services be looking for on a commercial roof? 

It can depend on the Industrial building roof design as to what issues to look for, but the basic ten common issues with commercial roofing are: 

  • Moisture and Roof Leaks: Just like a home, moisture is the enemy of a commercial structure, and the smallest roof leak can cause extensive issue if not caught and corrected in time. Once moisture gets to a roof, the structure is at risk of mold form and growing. This moisture can come from ice, hail, rain, snow, or wind, even flying debris that ands on the roof. Once a commercial roofing has been damage, either ripped, torn, or the membrane seams begin to separate, moisture will find a way under the membrane layers. An inspection of the roof exterior is essential, but you should also have the interior ceiling and walls checked as well for water stains. If any area of the building has a musty smell, or there is water trickling inside on the walls or from the ceiling, you need professional industrial roofing services immediately.
  • Flashing Poorly Installed: Flashing is important to any roof, it is the seal for chimneys, HVAC system, pipes, skylights, and vents to keep water out of the building. When it has been installed poorly, if it is loose or missing, this leaves the roof susceptible to roof leaks. 
  • Blistering: A few blisters on commercial roofing membrane may not be an immediate concern, but it should be inspected by a professional industrial roofing services. Once there is blister, there is a weak spot in the roofing, and it can lead to bigger problems.
  • Bad Installation: A commercial roof that is installed incorrectly or low quality materials can cause problems later. The lifespan of the roof is reduced immediately, meaning it will need either a lot of repairs or a replacement sooner than you should. If there is concern that the roofing wasn’t installed correctly, have a professional industrial roofing services inspect the roof and advise if there is an issue. 
  • Lack of Maintenance: If even the smallest of repairs isn’t addresses, the problem can get big quickly. Maintenance includes the monthly inspections, routine cleanings, making sure the drains and gutters are clear of debris, and keeping trees trimmed back. 
  • Poor Repairs: When you let your maintenance staff or a cheaper roofing service make repairs, they usually aren’t done to the best standards. This will lead to needing more repairs and eventually, a new roof. Always have your oof repairs done by a professional industrial roofing services that has experience and a strong reputation. 
  • Ponding Water: Water ponding on a roof is not good, it usually indicates that the drain is clogged. Or it can be a problem with HVAC system. In either case, the first phone call should be to an industrial roofing services for an inspection. Even if it ends up being the HVAC system, ponding water can damage the roof and they will need to inspect the situation. 
  • Punctures, Tears, Shrinkage: During your maintenance crew monthly inspection, they should pay extra attention for these things because are what lead to roof leaks. 
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Getting repairs

With any commercial or industrial flat roof, repairs are important. If repairs are left unattended, industrial roof replacement will follow soon, at a much higher cost. Annual industrial roof painting with a reflective material is recommended every 3 to 5 years to maintain the lifespan of the roof. Have it done by professional industrial roofing services, so you know it was done correctly.