How Do I Keep My Metal Roof From Rusting?

rain pouring on metal roof

Will metal roofs rust?

Metal roofing is popular in this are of the country for commercial and industrial buildings. It is durable, long lasting, and looks good too. However, there is a concern for building owners about the care and upkeep, and the possibilities of it rusting. It is because if rust that a good quality metal roof coating needs to be applied to the roof.

A roofing contractor doesn’t just install the metal panels and leaves. They will discuss metal roof coating options with you, especially metal roof coating for leaks. When it comes to the option of metal roof coating, contractors that are honest and well respected in the industry will be the first to recommend that you follow through with that option. 

So, are you surprised by the fact that metal roofs rust? Or are you thinking about that old barn out in the country that has a rusted metal roof and siding, and you’re not surprised at all? Metal roofing is a popular choice for commercial building owners today because of its many benefits: 

  • Lightweight – make installation faster and cheaper.
  • Fire-Resistant – a big help on the insurance premiums.
  • Energy-Efficient – always  a winner for any business owner. 
  • Long-Lasting – Because a metal roof will shed ice and snow easier than a non-metal roofing material, buildings where ice and snow are prominent part of winter benefit well. 

Metal roofing is durable in spite of its ease to rust, which is a concern for many people that are considering metal roofing. While the metal roof itself is durable, with a metal roof coating applied, the rust becomes a non-issue. With a quality metal roof coating that is applied correctly, the metal will fight the oxidation which instigates rust forming. 

How do you maintain a metal roof?

Metal roofing is more durable than any other roofing  material you could have on your commercial building. Even with a good metal roof coating applied, an annual inspection is recommended. With that inspection, the following steps should be taken: 

  • Clean:  Metal roofing can be washed with basic dish soap and water, using a microfiber cloth or gentle mopping. Once you have washed the roof, rinse with clear water using a water hose. 
  • De-Ice and De-Snow: After any significant winter weather event that left ice and snow behind should be cleaned off your metal roofing as soon as it safe to do so. Using a long-handled broom or soft brush. Never use anything metal for scraping because that will damage the metal roofing, even with metal roof coating. 
  • Drains and Gutters: Clear any debris like leaves, sticks, etc. from the drains and gutters so they can work as intended. If they become clogged, the water will pond on your metal roofing, and cause damage. 
  • Trees Trimmed: If your commercial structure has any trees around it, keep the limbs trimmed back from the roof. Not only will the limbs damage the metal roof, but the leaves will scuff the metal roof coating and paint, getting to the bare metal where rust will begin. 
  • Damage Inspection: Always keep a watch for any damage, especially have any significant weather event. Any fading, flaking, scratches, or scuffs should have a professional roofing contractor look at them and make repairs or replacement as needed. 
  • Fix loose or separated panels: If the metal roofing seams become loose or separated, have them repaired immediately. This makes your roof vulnerable to leaking and once a metal roof begins leaking, bigger problems come along. 

Additional things that should be checked and repairs made as needed is the flashing, penetration points, and any signs of corrosion or rust. Professional roofing contractor should be contacted immediately for repairs, replacement, and metal roof coating reapplied. 

What is the best sealant for metal roofs?

Your metal roof is durable and touch, but it needs a sealant to support that durability. However, if the wrong sealant is used on metal roofing, you can have several issues like adhesion or flexibly problems, or both. The worse part of it all, if you do have a leak and that’s why you’re looking at a sealant, the wrong stuff won’t fix the leak. Here are three products that roofing contractors recommend: 

1. Titebond Metal Roofing Sealant

Titebond is a great metal roofing sealant for repair jobs on metal roofing. It will adhere to painted metal and gal-velum. It remains flexible and provides a tight weather-resistant bond even with temperature changes and contracting and expansion of the metal. 

2. Nova Flex Metal Roofing Sealant

Nova flex is another good brand for metal roof leaks, sharing many of the same features of the Titebond described above. If it is the gutters you’re having leaking issues with, Nova Flex is the better choice because it isn’t as thick as standard metal roofing sealant. The consistency allows it to spread in the joints between the metal pieces to form a consistent watertight seal.  

3.  Butyl Tape

Old school butyl tape, when it comes to metal roofing sealant, this one has been around forever. Butyl tape can create a gasket between the metal trim pieces and is a superior product because of how sticky it is, holding metal in place so it can be fastened with screws. 

metal roofing system

How do you seal a rusty metal roof?

A reliable roofing contractor that is experienced in metal roofing will know the best way how to apply metal roof coating and how to seal a rusty metal roof.  Most metals using no less than three coats of Everbrite™ Clear Protective Metal Roof Coating is the most recommended brand for a rusted metal roof. A rusted metal roof becomes more porous and with three coats, you’ll fill in the pours and seal it from future rusting. 

If you already have a metal roof and you’re considering metal roof coating, you probably want to know how much does it cost to coat a metal roof for budgeting purpose. Depending on the size of your building, and the option of metal roof coating you choose, the average is $3.00 per square foot. It is worth shopping around for quotes but remember the low ball price may result in low ball quality too. Call (260) 248-7020 today for metal roof services in Fort Wayne, IN.