Does roof coating stop leaks?

coating on metal tile roof

Commercial roofing and leaks

A commercial structure typically has a large, sometimes an exceptionally large, flat roof. The maintenance and upkeep are extensive and can be expensive, which is why the owners of a large structure will take any short cuts or treatments to help them, like roof coating

What does roof coating do? A roof coating gives a flat roof an extra layer of protection and extends it lifespan. Typically, a roof coating will contact and expand with the temperature and weather conditions. Because it is directly adhered to the original membrane, it keeps the membrane from rupturing, splitting, or tearing. 

If a roof is aging and has some small leaks starting, which is better, roof coating vs replacement? If you have the desire to be environmentally friendly, roof coating is the better option.  With a roof coating, there isn’t any tear-off of old material like roof replacement requires. Roof coating is installed right over the existing roof after it has been thoroughly cleaned. 

 A flat commercial roof that is riddled with many leaks and/or a lot of damage, roof coating might not be the right answer. A roof coating is good on a  flat roof with minimal damage and hasn’t reached its prime in age.  A professional commercial roofing contractor will do an inspection of  the roof and make their recommendation on your roof and coating or if replacement is the better choice. 

 Is roof coating any good?

You can expect between ten years to twenty years with a new commercial roof installed. The environment and weather can shorten that life span.  With a professional installed roof coating though, there are three big benefits you can expect. 

  • Extends the roof life: A good roof coating installed by experienced roof coating installers will extend the lifespan of the original roof for several years and when it begins to show its age, it can usually be re-coated.  
  • Energy usage reduced: A roof coating with reflectiveness will reduce the roof’s temperature and minimizes the heat and UV effects. This keeps the interior cooler and pleasant for customers and employees. It also reduces the amount the air conditioning is used which reduces the energy expense and strain on the HVAC system.
  • Reduced construction debris: Roof replacement creates a lot of unwanted by-product that has to be taken to the landfill. The landfills today have an abundance of roofing materials already. With a roof coating, there isn’t any tear-off of old roofing and nothing to add to an already overflowing landfill. 

How much roof coating do I need?

Roof coating coverage accommodate variations in surface permeability, so a smoother roof surface will have a better coverage and use less roof coating product.. With a white elastomeric roof coating, a rubber-like that dries to the touch in six hours will take two coats, waiting 24 hours between coats and at a temperature of 77 degrees or higher with a humidity less than 55 percent.  

For every eighty fee of corrugated metal and one-hundred fee of smooth metal roofing surface, a one gallon of roof coating is sufficient. For a concrete, gravel topped, or modified bitumen, every fifty square feet can be covered by one gallon of roof coating. 

flat white roof need coating

How do you apply roof coating?

We would recommend leaving roof coating your flat roof to a professional contractor who will have all the right roof coating equipment.  For the budget-minded building owner, applying a roof coating is not difficult, but to get the best results, attention to detail is a must, including the preparation before starting. 

Do a careful inspection of the roof, examining the roof membrane for any blisters, cracks, or tears. Check for any ponding and exposed, open seams.  These need to be addressed before starting the roof coating application. Give extra attention to areas that have penetrations like pipes, skylights, and vents.  The follow theses then follow these three steps: 

  • Thoroughly clean: A flat roofs collects dirt and grime, and roof coating will not adhere on a dirty surface. Using a TSP solutions, do a thorough cleaning with a stiff broom, scrubbing ponding areas and peeling areas good.  Then sweep away any puddles and residual water, allow the surface to dry for a day. 
  • Make repairs: Any open seams, penetrations, or tears in the original membrane should be repaired with a reinforcing polyester roof fabric. Any deep ponding areas should be filled, which may require the services of a professional commercial roofing contractor. 
  • Apply coating: Once roof is thorough clean, dry, and repaired, spread the roof coating on with a sturdy nine-inch heavy-duty paint roller and a six-foot extension pole. Allow the coating to dry 24 hours before applying a second coat.

How long do roof coatings last? A professionally installed roof coating can give you another ten years of the extended life of your current roof. Imagine not having any more worries of leaks or needing roof replacement for 10 years! Call (260) 248-7020 today for your roof coating needs in Fort Wayne, IN.