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In an area like Fort Wayne, IN, where the amount of rainfall and snow per year is right around the national average, it is handy to have a roof that is capable of holding up to the weather. In the case of EPDM roofing, you are able to do this. One thing that many love about this product is that it is a bit flexible, where it can move some throughout the seasons, causing it to resist widespread cracking and breaking. If you are considering EPDM roofing in Fort Wayne, IN, you may want to give us a call at Tri-County Commercial Roofing LLC. We are a highly regarded commercial roofer in the area, and we can install this type of roofing anywhere nearby. Contact us at (260) 248-7020 to see if you meet the criteria.

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The EPDM installation process is not something that will affect your business much at all. It can be completed swiftly since it largely involves an adhesive being spread on a rooftop. Some do not like this type of roofing since it is dark in color and may make a building harder to cool in the summer. On the flip side, it will help the building stay warm in the winter, so it is a toss-up, depending on your needs throughout the year. If you are already taking advantage of the good things about EPDM roofing in Fort Wayne, IN but need help keeping it in good shape, we are able to aid with any type of EPDM repair. We can even offer EPDM replacement too if this is what you need for your business. It is a good option for businesses that want to have a roof that will cover them for a decade or more, and require it to hold up in different types of weather.

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If you have any more questions about EPDM or other types of single-ply roofing, Tri-County Commercial Roofing LLC can explain the specifics to you. We want to help you and your company with your roofing needs right away! Call us at (260) 248-7020 when you need to find out more about EPDM roofing in Fort Wayne, IN.