Commercial Roofing in Fort Wayne, IN

A commercial roof being installed

Let Us Look at Your Roof

We work on all types of commercial buildings, which is different from some of the other companies out there. Other roofers may also do residential jobs, but we stick to what we do best. We are Tri-County Commercial Roofing LLC and are a well-liked commercial roofer in Fort Wayne, IN. We would like for you to see why for yourself. Contact us at (260) 248-7020 when you need advice on your roof, require repairs, or just have a question and you don’t know where to turn.

If you need holes patched, roof restoration, or if you are wondering if it is time to get a new roof, we will be able to guide you through the process. We want to be your commercial roofing company, so we will do what it takes to make sure you know what’s going on with your roof and whether it needs special attention or not. If you have any sort of commercial building, we have experience with jobs that are similar to what you likely need our help with.

Jobs Big and Small

It does not matter what size roof you have or how large or small your problem is, we are up for the task. We have the expertise and workers available to handle jobs of all sizes, where you won’t be out of commission for a long time while we are working on your roof. In some cases, you can still be open when we are working on your roof. This is generally the case if you need something like a coating, simple repairs, or restoration procedures.

  • Apartment Complexes & Multi-Family
  • Agricultural Buildings Roofing
  • Hospitals & Healthcare Roofing
  • Church Roofing Replacement
  • Shopping Centers & Office Building Roofing Contractor

Do You Need Us?

You may be confused about the right time to call a commercial roofing contractor. The answer is you should call us when you feel like you might need us. If you think that there are issues with your roof, like when you see areas that are worn, this is a great time to call us. You can also contact us when you are ready to purchase a new roof. We can check yours and make sure that you need one. You may just need to keep your current roof protected better, or fix up part of it, for longer life. When you feel like you need a professional opinion regarding your roof, this is the perfect opportunity to call a commercial roofer like us. Please do not hesitate to do so.

commercial roofer working on roof installation

We’re Here For You

Once you are a customer of our commercial roofer service, you won’t need to look any further for service in the future. We can keep track of the condition of your roof and schedule yearly checkups, to catch small things before they turn into big and expensive problems. We can also make sure that you get an upgrade to any coating you have when you need it. Basically, we know all about the products you need to cover your roof, and we will let you know all about them.

You can trust us to keep you covered when it comes to your cool roof, flat roof, bitumen, or whatever type of roof you have on your business. There are so many options, and they range across all types of budgets. We are able to work with all of these types, and are skilled at doing so. Let us help you decide what is for you, how to care for your roof once it works at maximum efficiency, and with preventative maintenance. We want to be the only commercial roofer in Fort Wayne, IN that you count on. We will always do a good job and we will clean up after ourselves along the way. Call us at (260) 248-7020 to make an appointment or to schedule a consultation for your business. We work best when we see what we are working with up close, so we can have all the information we need available. Check us out today to get the ball rolling!