Can Spray Foam Stop Leaks?

A Roofer Applying Foam Roofing.

Can spray foam stop leaks?

Roof leaks are a nightmare for any building owner. Foam roofing is often offered up as a solution to stop leaks. But is this true? SPF spray foam has multiple applications. It’s used as insulation and some use it to seal cracks in basements to stop leaks. When sprayed over a roof, foam expands to form a seamless barrier over the roof. This barrier can, indeed, stop leaks from happening in the future. It can also be used to seal up spaces on your roof that are vulnerable to leaks. Of course, if the leaks are serious and have affected areas other than the main roofing material, and there is other damage present, it may be better and cheaper to replace the roof, and then add spray foam to the new roof for added protection. If you are interested in getting the added leak protection of commercial foam roofing in Fort Wayne, IN, the professionals at Tri-County Commercial Roofing LLC can help. We provide a full range of commercial roofing services. Find out more or schedule a foam roof coating today by calling (260) 248-7020.

What is foam roof?

You might wonder what foam roofs are and are foam roofs any good? Foam roofing can prove a lifesaver, in some instances, when it comes to your roof. This material starts out as a liquid that’s sprayed over the rooftop and hardens into a type of polyurethane foam. It can be used on almost any type of roof, but is most commonly used on commercial buildings with flat roofs or metal roofs. Commercial building managers usually ask for spray foam as a way to preserve their current roof for several years, which it does very well. It’s often applied along with silicone, acrylic, or similar roof coatings to bolster up the roof, better protecting it from leaks and other damage. It’s also ideal when it comes to improving energy efficiency and saving you on cooling costs. Moreover, a fresh coating of foam can be reapplied every 10 years or so for further effectiveness.  

How long does a foam roof last?

Under ideal conditions foam roofing can last as long as 20-35 years, but in most cases, its longevity will be affected by maintenance, weather, and exposure to foot traffic. It’s recommended that after about 10-20 years a new coating should be applied, which will extend your roof’s life even longer. Before the new coating is applied, repairs will need to be made and the roof will need to be cleaned.

Can you walk on a foam roof?

Many people think you can’t walk on foam roofing, but this is a myth. Foam roofs can actually take a lot of weight and can handle up to 50 pounds per square inch. As with any other roofing material, you still have to be careful when walking on foam. If you are carrying heavy or sharp objects with you, and those objects are dropped on the roof, a puncture can occur.

Foam roofing for commercial building

Foam roofing is typically applied to commercial buildings, especially those with flat or metal roofs. It’s especially beneficial for those with flat roofs, because these types of roofs tend to have problems with drainage and leaks. The spray foam hardens and forms a seamless barrier over the roof and around vents that will prevent future problems with leaks.

Foam roofing repair

Foam roofing, of course, is not invulnerable. While you might not damage it while walking on it, it’s still susceptible to damage from severe weather like hail or extreme heat and longtime sun exposure. Some common problems include seperation from the original roofing material and blistering. When foam is applied, an acrylic or silicone coating is normally also applied over it. These coatings can wear out as well, and repairs will need to be made.

Foam roofing vs. TPO

For flat roofs, one of the most popular materials to use is TPO, a single-ply membrane that offers similar UV and leak protection as foam roofing. Tri-County Commercial Roofing LLC works with both kinds of roofing, and each has its advantages. Both, for instance, cost about the same to install. 

Foam roofing, though, does have a few distinct advantages over TPO, as outlined here:

  • You don’t have to tear off your old roof to apply foam. It goes directly over your old roof.
  • Foam has a higher R-value (the ability to transfer heat) than TPO, so it’s better at insulating your roof.
  • Foam takes less than a week to lay down on a large building, whereas TPO takes about 2 weeks, depending on weather. 
  • Foam can be sprayed directly on roof decking without any penetrations. Most TPO installations will require penetrations in the roof decking.

Our contractors can help you decide on what’s best for your roof, whether you want foam, TPO, or any other commercial roofing system. 

A Recently Sprayed Foam Roof

Foam roofing near me

When it comes to protecting your roof from leaks and the weathering the sun can cause, a foam roof can be a great investment for your building and business. For the best in foam roofing in Fort Wayne, IN, turn to the commercial roofing experts at Tri-County Commercial Roofing LLC. We offer an extensive range of commercial services to suit any need. Find out more or schedule a service call by phoning (260) 248-7020.