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When your company is having problems with roof leaks, one solution to stop them is foam roofing. When you spray polyurethane foam on your roof, it creates an uninterrupted barrier against leaks, and energy efficiency is improved. Whenever you want to protect your roof with SPF spray foam roofing in Elkhart, IN, you’ll want to contact the experienced professionals at Tri-County Commercial Roofing LLC. We offer a complete range of commercial roofing services. Learn more about our team or set up a service appointment by calling (260) 248-7020.

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When Tri-County Commercial Roofing LLC applies SPF spray foam roofing in Elkhart, IN, roof leak protection is just one benefit you get. When your roof is in relatively good shape, spray foam can serve as a money-saving alternative to roof replacement. Spray foam also has a stronger R-value than other roofing systems, so foam better insulates your roof. As the roof ages, after about 10 to 20 years, foam can be reapplied. Moreover, not only are foam roofs easy to apply, they function on almost any roofing surface.

Along with foam roofing, an additional option to roof replacement is roof coatings. With the assistance of our professionals, you can select roof coatings like silicone, acrylic, or elastomeric. With roof coatings your roof’s lifespan will be extended, you’ll gain protection, and your energy efficiency will be enhanced. We also install roof coatings over spray foam to enhance UV protection and heat transfer.

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If you want experienced professionals for SPF spray foam roofing or roof coatings in Elkhart, IN, you can rely on the team at Tri-County Commercial Roofing LLC. We provide a comprehensive selection of commercial roofing services. Learn more about us or schedule an appointment by calling (260) 248-7020.